17 Pieces Of Stunning ATEEZ Fanart Ahead Of Their Upcoming “Kingdom” Performance

ATEEZ has so many incredibly talented fans!

ATEEZ‘s next performance on competition show Kingdom is coming up soon, and in order to build hype for what’s sure to be a stunning performance, below is a list of beautiful pieces of artwork of the members created by talented ATINYs! From watercolor to pencil and digital art, fans of the group have proven time and again that they are as talented as they are passionate about ATEEZ, and here are 17 gorgeous pieces that prove it.

1. This adorable yet stunning Captain Hongjoong piece created by @pondreateez has so much personality!

2. The way that @hajima_7 used the colors from ATEEZ’s ZERO: FEVER Part.1 albums for Seonghwa is breathtaking.

3. This painting of Yunho during ATEEZ’s most recent Kingdom performance by @heyjuuii perfectly captures his warm but intense stage presence!

4. Yeosang’s unreal visuals are perfectly captured in this gorgeous painting by @FoxAteez.

5. This artwork inspired by San’s stunning ending for ATEEZ’s opening performance on Kingdom by @DanceEmber has such a unique style!

6. This beautifully tan and glowing painting of the greatly missed Mingi by @marii is adorable!

7. Wooyoung looks particularly mischievous and playful in this drawing created by @StarOrdinaryy!

8. Artist @warubaru was clearly as enamored as all of us with Jongho in a beanie for Imitation, and created this pretty work!

9. This vibrant painting by @koko_sin_art of Hongjoong with his latest haircut is such a treat!


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10. Seonghwa looks like the stunning angel he is in this ethereal painting by @miruuchain!


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11. Artist @xansink perfectly captured Yunho’s incredibly handsome visuals in this beautiful piece.

12. This portrait by @hyusani of Yeosang seems almost like a photo with how accurate and realistic it is!

13. The bright, warm colors used in this painting of San by @darkazii_ perfectly suit his adorable and lovable personality!


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14. Mingi may have only been in ATEEZ’s “From the Wonderland” performance in spirit, but this gorgeous drawing by @hyalinemin makes it easier to imagine he was really there!

15. The linework used in this stunning portrait of Wooyoung by @bm21i is so expressive and detailed.


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16. The contrasting warm reds and cool blues of this Jongho piece by @avihope__ make it so pleasing to the eye!

17. And finally, this spectacular movie poster-esque masterpiece done by @kl0i3 deserves to be used as official merch!

Make sure not to miss ATEEZ’s upcoming performance of iKON‘s “Rhythm Ta” on the upcoming episode of Kingdom!