9 Of The Best And Funniest Moments From ATEEZ’s Livestream To Celebrate ATINY’s Third Anniversary

It was chaotic but hilarious and endearing.

November 17 is a very important day for ATEEZ and their fandom, ATINY: It’s the day when, in 2018, the term “ATINY” was announced to be the official fandom name for the group, and is thus called “ATINY Day” by the members and fans alike! The group always does something special on this day in celebration, and this year for the third anniversary, among other things, ATEEZ hosted a livestream to engage with their beloved ATINYs. Here are 9 moments from the stream that you wouldn’t want to have missed, and show just how funny, entertaining, and endearing the members are!

1. We can never get enough kisses from Wooyoung 😘

2. How can you resist this laughter? πŸ˜‚

Bonus: The results of ATEEZ’s work πŸ˜‚

3. The relationships between the members are so funny to watch!

4. Poor Yeosang seems to always be the victim of having his food and drinks taken from him πŸ˜‚

5. This video sums up the hilarious chaos that is ATEEZ very well.

6. Mingi’s adorable wink will never not be iconic.

7. Just San being San.

8. Wooyoung is all of us with Mingi back in our lives.

9. And of course, you can’t miss this celebratory cry!