Here’s A Look Back At 15 Of ATEEZ’s Best Moments During Their American Tour

The members may be back in Korea, but the memories are around to stay!

All of ATEEZ‘s members have returned safely to South Korea from the United States after their multi-stop tour, and though American fans are sad that their concerts are over, there have been so many amazing memories made in the last month. From their concerts to their fansigns and the other events that they participated in (hello, Grammy Museum!), ATEEZ truly made their mark during their short time in the states. Here are just 15 of the countless amazing moments that the group had while they were there!

1. When Yunho became Spiderman 😂

2. When Jongho showed his vocal supremacy for the 1000000th time.

3. When Mingi and Yeosang made “To The Beat” an even better B-side than it already is 👀

4. When Wooyoung gave a fan the ultimate concert experience.

5. When San reminded everyone who Hongjoong is.

6. When Mingi’s deep voice made everyone melt during their event at the Grammy Museum.

7. When Seonghwa had everyone screaming with his amazing swordplay 🤩

8. And then when he made this adorable Lightiny wave happen ❤

9. When Mingi just went all out on stage in the best way 👀

10. When… This happened 😂

11. All of the dance breaks for “The Real” that happened 😂

12. Every time that ATINYs got to see Seonghwa dance his heart out during “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” 🥺

13. When this adorable Woosan moment happened.

14. When Hongjoong shared his feelings towards ATINY in the sweetest way.

15. And finally, every time that ATEEZ and ATINYs got to sing “Star 1117” together ❤