17 Best Moments From ATEEZ’s Iconic Performance At The “2023 MAMA Awards”

They served like always!

The annual MAMA Awards is an awards show that pretty much all K-Pop fans look forward to at the end of the year. Some of the best and most elaborate performances take place on the MAMA stage, and it’s always exciting to see who will take home awards, especially the highly coveted daesangs!

This year, ATEEZ brought heat to the show with a performance of their earlier 2023 release, “BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS)”, as well as their as-of-yet unreleased title track, “Crazy Form” (which is due to come out on their THE WORLD EP.FIN : WILL album on December 1).

The entire performance from their dramatic story intro to their powerful conclusion was absolutely captivating. Here are 17 moments from ATEEZ’s time at the 2023 MAMA Awards that no ATINY will want to miss!

1. When Hongjoong brought the “crazy” to “Crazy Form” with his fun rap.

2. When Seonghwa reminded everyone that he originally trained to be a rapper.

3. When Yunho brought the energy to the epic conclusion of “Crazy Form”.

4. When Yeosang got to show off his deliciously deep vocals.

5. When San captivated everyone with his incredible stage presence.

6. When Mingi spit straight fire during “BOUNCY”.

7. When Wooyoung stole the show with his twerking.

8. When Jongho flawlessly belted out his powerful high notes in “Crazy Form”.

9. When Hongjoong brought all the charisma to the chorus of “BOUNCY”.

10. When Seonghwa had this adorable moment.

11. When Yunho brought a fun new twist to the choreo for “BOUNCY”.

12. When Yeosang reacted adorably to an excited fan.

13. When San had everyone screaming for obvious reasons.

14. When Mingi owned the stage with his powerful rap for “Crazy Form”.

15. When Yunho and Wooyoung had this cute interaction.

16. When Jongho showed that he’s much more than just a phenomenal vocalist.

17. And finally, of course, when they won the awards for “Favorite Global Performer – Group” and “Worldwide Fans’ Choice”!