These 20 HD Photos Taken During ATEEZ’s Ridiculously Adorable “Eternal Sunshine” Stage Will Have You Feeling Weak

ATEEZ can seriously pull off any concept!

On October 15, ATEEZ performed what might just be their most adorable stage so far: A performance of “Eternal Sunshine” on Show! Music Core with some of the softest and cutest style choices and facial expressions you can imagine! For a group that is so often known for their more intense stages — including their title track off of the same album, “Deja Vu” — ATEEZ proved that they are incredibly versatile in their performance abilities and can pull off seemingly any concept. Here are 20 photos taken from the performance that shows just how cute they were!

1. Hongjoong

Leader Hongjoong was still just as charismatic and energetic as ever in his soft pastel colors and over-sized glasses!

2. Seonghwa

Seonghwa’s recently dyed hair matched perfectly for the aesthetic of this performance of “Eternal Sunshine”!

3. Yunho

Yunho once again proved that he’s an adorable giant puppy with his blond hair, pink outfit, and endearing personality!

4. Yeosang

Yeosang might have been making ATINYs swoon just days ago with his crop tops and abs for “Deja Vu” performances, but this time he made us swoon for other reasons!

5. San

“Stage demon” San went all-out with this concept as he always does, pulling out his most adorable and playful expressions!

6. Mingi

Mingi continues to bless ATINYs with his return by reminding us that even with his gorgeous deep voice, he’s a giant softie.

7. Wooyoung

Wooyoung was even more playful than he usually is for this bright and cheerful stage, which is saying a lot!

8. Jongho

Jongho scrapped his usual mature look for this squeal-inducing fuzzy pink outfit that made him the world’s cutest maknae!

9. More!

As always, this performance by ATEEZ was nothing short of phenomenal, and we’re all so excited to see what they come out with next!