15+ Fan-Taken And Unedited Photos From ATEEZ’s Recent Concerts That Showcase Their Stunning IRL Visuals

They were all absolutely glowing!

On October 29 and 30, ATEEZ began their third world tour, The Fellowship: Break the Wall, with a two-night concert in Seoul at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. As expected from the talented and creative K-Pop group, they held nothing back with two nights of incredible performances that left their audiences in awe! From their stunning vocals and charismatic stage presence to their beautiful stage outfits and visuals, ATEEZ really treated the fans that were able to attend these two concerts. Here’s a look at the gorgeous visuals of each member thanks to non-edited fan-taken photos from their opening nights for The Fellowship: Break the Wall tour!

1. Hongjoong is out here looking like the leader we’d all want to follow in a righteous uprising!

2. Seonghwa isn’t a visual of ATEEZ for no reason.

3. Yunho is so handsome that it’s unreal 😩

4. How can someone look as perfect as Yeosang?

5. San was out there making everyone swerve into his lane.

6. This era of Mingi since he’s had his fiery hair has been nothing short of iconic!

7. Wooyoung’s really out here serving arms, and we’re living for it.

8. It’s so easy to forget Jongho is ATEEZ’s maknae when he looks this mature and handsome!

9. Hongjoong seriously looks flawless no matter what he wears.

10. This is an iconic hairstyle for Seonghwa for a reason!

11. We are looking at Yunho respectfully 👀

12. Yeosang’s stylist definitely knew what they were doing for this concert!

13. How can someone be this beautiful?

14. The power that Song Mingi holds!

15. Red-haired Wooyoung has truly been a blessing to all ATINYs.

16. Jongho is looking so incredibly pretty and healthy and we love to see it ❤