Here Are 18 Of The Best Moments From ATEEZ’s “The Fellowship: Beginning Of The End” Concert In Seoul

If you couldn’t be there, at least you can enjoy these moments!

From January 7-9, ATEEZ began their long-awaited The Fellowship: Beginning of the End world tour with a three-day concert in Seoul. It has been a long time since the group has been able to see fans in concert due to the ongoing pandemic, and it was a beautiful, entertaining, and emotional time for the members and ATINYs alike! Here are 18 moments from the show that you won’t want to miss, or that you’ll want to relive again if you were able to attend.

1. When Jongho proved once again that he’s far more than just a phenomenal vocalist.

2. When Yeosang casually achieved this feat in leather pants.

3. When Yunho did his best corgi impression.

4. When San did this.

5. When Mingi couldn’t stop looking at his bestie Yunho on the big screen.

6. When San got extremely excited by ATINYs using their castanets.

7. When Hongjoong called fans out for stanning his brother a little too hard.

8. Does this need an explanation? 👀

9. When Yunho cracked himself up.

10. This performance of “Rocky” live was just insanely powerful.

11. When Yeosang went so hard that he had Wooyoung falling to his knees with laughter.

12. When Mingi’s rap made everyone swerve into his lane, and understandably so.

13. This epic ending to their iconic B-side, “Take Me Home”.

14. When Hongjoong was too cool for words.

15. When the members didn’t know what was happening 😂

16. When Jongho blessed ATINYs with this acapella version of “One Late Night in 1994”.

17. This clip and comment that just prove ATEEZ is full of endless energy.

18. Just… These beautiful moments right here.