15+ Fan Reactions To ATEEZ’s Epic “Guerrilla” Performance Teaser

They’re trying out something new, and ATINYs are living for it.

ATEEZ just dropped the performance teaser for the title track, “Guerrilla”, off of their upcoming album The World EP.1: Movement, and needless to say, it already looks incredible.

As could be expected, ATINYs are ecstatic over this exciting preview, and have taken to social media to express their feelings! Here are 15+ relatable reactions to ATEEZ’s “Guerrilla” performance teaser.

1. Hongjoong definitely owned this teaser with his incredible rap!

2. San’s charisma is evident even in still photos.

3. And Seonghwa’s incredible presence shines through too!

4. This part of the choreography is incredible!

5. Yunho is a main dancer for a reason!

6. Even when in the background, Yeosang takes the spotlight!

7. Spoiler king Wooyoung? 😂

8. He really is ATEEZ’s ace!

9. Again… This part is just too cool.

10. ATEEZ’s leader and captain!!

11. Jongho suits this genre of music SO well.

12. Sexy performance king!

13. These two things go together so well.

14. He’s has such a wide range of talent!

15. Very relatable.

16. He is real!!

17. And finally, “real” footage from ATEEZ’s upcoming world tour The Fellowship: Break The Wall later this year!