16 “That ____ Guy From ATEEZ” Memes That Are Taking Over Twitter

They’re so cute and accurate!

If you’re on Twitter at all, you’ve probably noticed a trend going around where a fan picks an emoji or something similar and compares it to a K-Pop idol that it suits. ATEEZ‘s members are among the many groups involved in the trend, and some of the comparisons that fans are making in these “That ___ guy from ATEEZ” posts are spot-on! Here are 16 of the funniest and most accurate examples.

1. Hongjoong can be scary on stage, but he’s also like this.

2. This emoji is just accurate to Seonghwa’s personality 🥺

3. His cheeks look so squishy!

4. We love seeing Yeosang with this look on his face.

5. San sometimes seems incapable of taking a selfie without this face 😂

6. We love this sweetheart so much 🥺

7. Wooyoung is also a bread boy of ATEEZ!

8. And Jongho suits his teddy bear nickname.

9. There’s a reason he’s compared to Bruni from Frozen 2!

10. Whenever he laughs in exasperation, he makes this face 😂

11. A happy Yunho makes everyone else happy!

12. This emoji is so funny but so accurate for Yeosang!

13. We’d believe that San was a cat in another life!

14. Mingi’s wide, genuine smile is more precious than anything ❤

15. Just like San, Wooyoung also has a selfie habit!

16. And finally, we love seeing the maknae of ATEEZ being giggly!