ATEEZ’s Halloween Makeup Will Give You Nightmares Forever

They’re creepy in the best way, sort of…

ATEEZ performed a special Halloween version of their title track “Wonderland” for Mnet‘s M Countdown. Since they’re known for fully getting into character, they didn’t hold back in bringing their makeup to life, or un-life.


1. Yunho

As if wearing a mask of human flesh that’s roughly placed on top of his own, Yunho pulls the look off too well, especially with his cold, charismatic gaze.

2. Hongjoong

With a devious smile and bruised skin, Hongjoong fits the Joker-esque look best with another smile cut into his face.

3. Yeosang

Yeosang fulfilled his role as a zombie with extremely pale skin and cold but menacing red eyes.

4. Seonghwa

In between Yunho and San, Seonghwa holds his own in being scary. With his charismatic gaze, he makes the filter that everyone’s been playing around with come to life.

5. San

Done up like the God Of Death, San looks exactly like him from the markings on his face, black lips, and sharp gaze.

6. Wooyoung

With black around his eyes and mouth and a moon in the center of his forehead, Wooyoung could place a curse on you in less a second.

7. Jongho

Out of everyone’s looks, the maknae Jongho‘s was the simplest and just a bit less scary. With bloody veins beneath his eyes and an overdrawn mouth, he looked just shy of someone crazy.


Although Mingi was missing, he would’ve looked just as scary. Which look did you find the creepiest? To see them become even scarier, watch the “Wonderland” performance here.