10+ Fan Arts Of ATEEZ Hongjoong’s “Lemon Tree” Cover That Prove ATINY Are Creative Geniuses

ATINY? More like ART-TINY!

On May 4, ATEEZ‘s leader Hongjoong released a cover of the song “Lemon Tree” by German pop band Fools Garden.

Title card for ATEEZ Hongjoong’s “Lemon Tree” cover | ATEEZ Official/YouTube

Over the years, Hongjoong has made a series of six solo covers and arrangements of his favorite songs under the name BY. HONGJOONG, creating his own versions of songs like Linkin Park‘s “Numb” and Prince‘s “Purple Rain”. Up until now, the songs in the BY. HONGJOONG series featured animated graphics and simpler performance style videos.

Hongjoong’s “Purple Rain” cover | ATEEZ Official/YouTube
Hongjoong sings in “Numb” cover | ATEEZ Official/YouTube

Hongjoong elevated his cover series to new heights in “Lemon Tree” by creating a whole music video, filled with thematic cinematography, props, and mood-setting filters.

Hongjoong in “Lemon Tree” cover | ATEEZ Official/YouTube

Floored by the amount of masterful creativity that went into Hongjoong’s cover of “Lemon Tree”, talented artist ATINYs have been motivated to draw fan art inspired by the song. Separated into five distinct categories, here are 10+ fan arts that are just as beautiful as “Lemon Tree”!

1. So ethereal you won’t be able to look away

These three pieces of art are so gorgeous they honestly belong in an art museum.

2. Similar, yet totally different vibes

In one of the most notable scenes from the music video, Hongjoong stares upwards towards a lemon tree with a blank yet longing stare.

Still image from Hongjoong’s “Lemon Tree” music video cover | ATEEZ Official/YouTube

You will be amazed by the following three artworks as they draw versions of this scene in their own unique styles.

3. Hongjoong is as bright as a lemon!

The whimsical colors and expressions in these four drawings are sure to brighten your day!

4. Lemons can be bitter too

At first glance at the lyrics, it may be difficult to decipher the intended meaning behind “Lemon Tree”.

One famous rumor is that Fools Garden’s lead singer, Peter Freudenthaler wrote the song about his girlfriend who passed away after crashing her car into a lemon tree. Another theory states that the song is about the loneliness a person can feel when they are depressed.

While we don’t know what meaning Hongjoong envisioned for his cover, these seven ATINY added a melancholic flair to their fan art.

5. The aftermath of Hongjoong’s day

Last but not least, after a long day of playing with toys and singing about lemon trees, Hongjoong is tuckered out.  Here, fellow ATEEZ member Seonghwa saves the day by dropping in with cleanup duty!

You can watch the full music video to Hongjoong’s “Lemon Tree” cover below.


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