40+ Photos That Prove ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Has Been A Trendsetter Since Debut

Is there any look he can’t pull off?

There’s no doubt that every member of ATEEZ is incredibly talented, and they all specialize in different areas. Whether it be singing, rapping, dancing, or something else entirely, they’re all known to excel in multiple talents!

Leader Hongjoong has incredible stage presence, mixing his fantastic rap skills, charistmatic facial expressions, and intense dance abilities to always put on an amazing performance. Something else that he’s also known for, however, is his unique and often unconventional or non-conforming sense of style. Here’s a look at some of the many different trends and styles he’s tried since ATEEZ debuted, proving that he can rock pretty much anything!

1. “Pirate King”/”Treasure” Era (Treasure EP.1: All To Zero): Starting October 24, 2018

Hongjoong started his K-Pop career off on a bold note with a short, choppy mullet paired with bright-colored outfits and his many piercings!

Not just anyone could manage to make such a unique hairstyle look good, but Hongjoong is certainly one of them, and often paired it with different hats and other accessories as well.



2. “Say My Name”/”HALA HALA” Era (Treasure EP.2: Zero To One): Starting January 15, 2019

This era in ATEEZ’s career gave us what is arguably Hongjoong’s most memorable look: An even longer mullet with the same choppy bangs!

His stylists even ended up dying part of it blue at one point, and though it probably matched best with his grungier looks at the time, he still made it look fashionable in preppier outfits as well!

3. “Wave”/”Illusion” Era (Treasure EP.3: One To All): Starting June 10, 2019

The “Wave” era was another well-known one in terms of his hairstyle, or rather, hair color, due to his iconic cherry-red locks often paired with fun, summery clothes!

It also faded out beautifully into a pretty auburn color, which was styled in many different ways including having beads strung through it!

4. “Wonderland” Era (Treasure EP.Fin: All To Action): Starting October 8, 2019

This era in the group’s discography brought us a darker and more intense look from Hongjoong, with dark blue and often slicked-back hair along with a chic cut eyebrow that was often made even more unique with what looked like a rhinestone.

He fully embraced this more rock music-style look, often wearing more punk-ish styles or, sometimes, the complete opposite with plaid and berets!

5. “Answer” Era (Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer): Starting January 6, 2020

When the “Answer” era came around, Hongjoong’s visuals changed dramatically once again, with his hair being dyed silver-blond and cut into a shaggy style that might not look great on everyone, but totally fits his unique visuals.

Sometimes for more elegant and classy outfits it was styled into something more controlled, but regardless of what he paired it with, he looked so good during this time!

6. “Inception”/”THANXX” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.1): Starting July 29, 2020

The summer of 2020 brought us another bold hair color from the rapper, which suited the youthful and rebellious visuals of the first ZERO: FEVER era well.

It was often styled with a headband or other kind of hair accessory as well, which gave him an even more spunky and quirky look!



7. “Fireworks (I’m The One)” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.2): Starting March 1, 2021

One of Hongjoong’s most recent unique looks was his leopard-print undercut, which he inarguably looked incredible with.

His hair stylists seemed to have experimented with his looks a lot during this era, some of which were loved by ATINYs more than others!

8. Kingdom: Legendary War/Present: Starting April 1, 2021

And finally, Hongjoong had some of the most drastic changes in style and visuals between ATEEZ’s performances on Kingdom: Legendary War, from choppy blond hair, fake cuts, and leather jackets that screamed rebellion to his pretty pastel rainbow look!



The leopard hair carried forward into his pirate captain look for one of their first performances (which he suited perfectly), and most recently he seems to be giving himself a much-earned break with simpler and more casual styles!