15 Times ATEEZ’s Hongjoong And Seonghwa Proved They Are Total Friendship Goals

Don’t we all crave a friendship like this?

Seonghwa and Hongjoong are the oldest members of ATEEZ, often affectionately dubbed the “mom and dad” of the group. Along with being supportive and caring hyungs for the younger members, the two of them also have a beautiful, loving, trusting friendship with each other that is obvious to anyone that sees them interact with each other. From cute cuddles to playful teasing and bickering, these two have proved over and over that they have the kind of friendship anyone would desire!

1. The song “Thank U” was written by Hongjoong just for Seonghwa about how much he means to him.

2. Get yourself a friend that can do a photoshoot with you as cute and beautiful as this.

3. This lie detector machine was obviously malfunctioning, and Hongjoong endured the pain!

4. They’re not afraid to show their affection for each other.

5. Even their birth charts predicted the depth of their friendship.

6. Look how Seonghwa immediately went to hug and cry happily with Hongjoong.

7. The best friendships have all kinds of playful bickering.

8. Just look at these two goofs.

9. If only we could all have a cuddle buddy like this.

10. The way they tease each other is hilarious and cute.

11. They are endlessly adorable.

12. Get yourself a friend that lights up this much when they see you.

13. Who wouldn’t want a friend that loved to hug them this tightly?


14. It’s obvious they truly care for each others’ well-being.

15. They bring out each other’s best, cutest, brightest sides, and it’s nothing short of beautiful.