A Guide To ATEEZ’s Iconic “Demon Line”: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, San, & Honorable Mentions

Honestly, you could argue that all members of ATEEZ are in this line!

If you’re familiar at all with ATEEZ, you might have heard of their iconic “Demon Line”, which “officially” consists of HongjoongSeonghwa, and San. These three members are sweethearts by nature, but when they get on stage, they can come across as intimidating and even scary, which some ATINYs have described as though they’re being possessed by stage demons!

There are other members of the group, though, that some fans have suggested should join the “Demon Line” due to their intensity on stage. Here’s a look at why the current 3 members are part of this group, and why other members might be due for an induction into it!

1. Hongjoong

There are whole compilations made to prove Hongjoong’s position in this line.

Sometimes all you need are a couple photos to understand why he earned the title!

That little smirk of his is all it takes…

He’s just so convincing when he’s in character!

Like the rest of the demon line, though, Hongjoong has incredible duality!

2. Seonghwa

He really knows how to get in character with just that intense look in his eyes.

It doesn’t even have to be a dark concept for the inner demon in him to come out.

He stays in character even when the focus isn’t on him.

But once again… The duality!

3. San

It just comes so naturally to him, despite his sweet personality!

His ending fairy is actually an ending demon, and we love it.

How could anyone dare to fight someone that looks this intimidating? 👀

Even popular YouTubers confirm he has a performance demon inside of him.

And once again… The duality!

4. Honorable Mentions