ATEEZ’s “INCEPTION” Is Seonghwa’s Era, And Here’s Proof Of That Claim

Everyone looked amazing, but he in particular really stood out.

As many know by now, ATEEZ just had their latest comeback with the release of their music video for “INCEPTION”. The MV is an absolute masterpiece, full of haunting melodies, incredible visuals, and powerful, emotional choreography and acting that has been leaving fans breathless.

While all of the members look incredible this comeback, with each member having their own time to shine at some point in the music video, it can be argued that there was one who really stood out, both in the teasers and the actual music video itself.

Seonghwa really gave it his all in the music video. He’s already known as one of the visuals of the group for good reason, since he’s always been stunning and this comeback was no different.


However, when the performance teasers came out for “THANXX” and “INCEPTION”, fans went crazy over his outfit in the latter, which consisted of a crop top that bared his impressively toned abs.

Really, this is just rude!

His emotional performance was also extremely impressive, flawlessly expressing the harsh, angsty feeling of the music video and song.

A lot of fans are also talking about the incredible high note he had in the song along with Jongho, who is usually the only member that has such amazing belting parts!

He also had the most lines in the song, with over 18% of the lyrics belonging to him. Jongho, the main vocalist of the group, typically gets the most lines, but Seonghwa performed his parts beautifully, so it’s well-deserved.

So… It’s no wonder that Seonghwa stans are really struggling with their emotions this comeback!