ATEEZ’s Maknae Jongho Has Nerves Of Steel, Here Are 9 Times He Proved His Fearlessness

There doesn’t seem to be anything that scares him!

ATEEZ‘s youngest member Jongho may be most well-known for his incredible vocal skills, but there are many more reasons to love him. As the maknae of the group, he definitely has a certain number of cute and adorable charms, but don’t let his age fool you! Out of all the members of ATEEZ, he is by far the most fearless, as he has proven time and again by his reactions (or lack thereof) to frightening situations. Here are 9 times that Jongho showed just how fearless he is!

1. Loud noises don’t even make him jump!

2. This was his excited reaction to the opportunity to try bungee jumping 😂

3. And… Here he is actually bungee jumping!

4. The entire horror show Stressor Things was basically just an opportunity for Jongho to show how relaxed he always is 😂

5. Point proven…

6. He was the only member unaffected by their company’s jumpscare prank 😂

7. Just Jongho talking casually to some zombies…

8. His fearlessness comes in many forms for many situations, too!

9. Who else would be brave enough to attempt this live??