9 Times ATEEZ’s Jongho Proved His Main Vocalist Status By Casually Breaking Into High Notes

He makes it seem so easy 🤯

Even if you’re not a fan of ATEEZ, if you’ve listened to any of their music, it becomes quickly apparent that they’re a talented bunch. For vocals in particular, their main vocalist Jongho has been making waves since their debut, and for good reason! He has the kind of vocal stability and range that is seldom seen in K-Pop, especially considering that he also keeps up with ATEEZ’s intense choreographies as well.

Even when he’s not performing, Jongho has the ability to break out into impressive belting and high notes as casually as if he was just speaking. Here are 9 times that this talented idol proved why he’s a main vocalist even when not on stage!

1. How many idols can hit these kinds of notes with no warmup?

2. Anywhere can be a vocal warm-up room for Jongho.

3. Of course, you can never forget his ability to split apples in half while effortlessly singing.

4. His vocals are so stable even while in the car.

5. Anyone who has the chance to listen to his vocals during a livestream is truly blessed.

6. Even with less-than-ideal audio quality, Jongho’s voice really shines through!

7. He can even impress a legend like Kim Jongkook with his raw talent!

8. It really does seem like something we should have to pay to have the privilege to hear.

9. Even his fellow members who get to hear his voice all the time have amazed reactions to Jongho’s vocals.

Bonus: He’s also a main vocalist that can rap!