10 Times That Jongho Proved He’s The “Oldest” Member Of ATEEZ With Dad Jokes

He knows how to make the rest of ATEEZ crack up 😂

Even though Jongho is the maknae of ATEEZ, any ATINY can tell you that he is arguably the most mature and “oldest” of the bunch! Fans love this dynamic in the group, and it’s clear that ATEEZ’s members have a lot of respect for their maknae… Even when he tells dad jokes! Here are 10 times that Jongho had his fellow members cracking up with his witty sense of humor, as shared by Twitter user @jonghosmole.

1. The time he “saved” a livestream is peak Jongho comedy.

2. Sometimes all it takes is a silly facial expression!

3. The other members agree he tells the best jokes.

4. He can even get a bit savage at times 😂

5. He is seriously quick-witted!

6. The puns never end with this guy!

7. Wooyoung seems to be a big fan of his puns.

8. Sometimes, though, his fellow members aren’t too impressed 😂

9. It’s not just his fellow members that receive the punchline of his jokes either…

10. But at the end of the day, who else can make ATEEZ crack up like their maknae does? 🤣


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