15 Unforgettable Moments From ATEEZ’s Legendary “The Awakening Of Summer” Performance On “Kingdom”

Honestly, the whole thing was unforgettable.

On the most recent episode of Mnet’s Kingdom, each of the six participating groups was given a song by another artist on the show to create their own unique performance for. ATEEZ chose to recreate iKON‘s “Rhythm Ta”, and as can be expected by this incredible 8-member group, they turned what was already a great song into an absolute masterpiece. Here are 15 moments from the performance that are unforgettable!

1. Hongjoong’s rapping over the mix he created from “Rhythm Ta” and the third movement from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons: Summer” is pure art.

2. Something about Seonghwa’s part here is so mesmerizing.

3. Yunho’s killing part was everything.

4. Who else could do this as elegantly as Yeosang?

5. San’s rope choreography on the floor was so unique and fun to watch!

6. Wooyoung deserves more recognition for his smooth vocals and energetic dancing!

7. Of course, it wouldn’t be an ATEEZ performance without one of Jongho’s stunning high notes.

8. Hongjoong for president, anyone??

9. Petition for more rapping Seonghwa, please!

10. Yunho is ATEEZ’s main dancer for a reason!!

11. Yeosang’s powerful behavior here casually reminded us that he’s strong enough to squat Yunho.

12. Even though San claimed how hard it was, he pulled this part off perfectly!

13. Wooyoung’s acting for the entire performance really helped sell ATEEZ’s concept!

14. Jongho could sing literally anything and it would be a masterpiece.

15. San truly is on another level when it comes to performance abilities and stage presence.

Make sure to watch the full performance video below if you haven’t already, or watch it again if you have!