15+ Stunning Behind-The-Scenes Photos From ATEEZ’s “From The Wonderland” Performance On “Kingdom”

Relive the experience all over again!

Are you still reeling from the incredible performance that ATEEZ showed viewers on the latest episode of Kingdom? You’re not alone. The group, who ended up earning the highest score from professionals and self-evaluation from other groups participating, really showed off just how phenomenal they are as performers. While their stage set-up was beautifully done and made the show that much more stunning, it was the members themselves that truly captured the awe of viewers. Here are 15+ behind-the-scenes pictures from the legendary performance.

1. Hongjoong

Hongjoong proved that he deserves his title as leader and captain of ATEEZ in his iconic fur coat and powerful facial expressions!

2. Seonghwa

How many ATINYs felt like that bullet went straight to their heart by having their breath knocked out of them from Seonghwa’s gorgeous visuals and dominating presence?

3. Yunho

Yunho isn’t ATEEZ’s main dancer for no reason, and this performance may have just added him to the group’s iconic, aptly-named “demon line”.

4. Yeosang

Yeosang may be known for his delicate and often feminine-looking visuals, but he radiated power and strength with his intense stare and phenomenal dancing.

5. San

San is always a beast on stage that demands viewers’ attention with his charisma and energy, and his performance on Kingdom was no exception to that rule!

6. Wooyoung

Wooyoung’s confidence in his abilities was easy to see in how flawless his performance was, and it’s incredibly well-deserved for this main dancer!

7. Jongho

If Jongho’s insane vocal range didn’t blow you away in this showcase, it might be time to get your hearing checked!

8. All

These talented pirate kings deserve all the love and praise they got for their performance and then some, and it’s exciting to think of what they might do on the show next!

If you haven’t watched it already, or want to see it again, check out ATEEZ’s full performance on Kingdom here!