13 Times ATEEZ’s Livestreams Got Unexpectedly Chaotic And Hilarious

Nothing can contain the chaos that ATEEZ can create!

When K-Pop idols go on livestream, there’s no knowing what might happen. For the most part they tend to go smoothly and without issue, but sometimes, things can get a little wild, especially with a group as energetic and silly as ATEEZ. Here are 13 different times where the members’ actions led to hilarity or chaos during a livestream!

1. When Yunho attempted a headstand… And it didn’t go as planned.

What did he think was going to happen??

2. When the members met their worst enemy… Air cushions.

Seonghwa finally had enough.

3. When San unintentionally fell off of the bed he was sitting on.

You can see the exact moment when he realized he’d made a mistake.

4. When Yeosang tried to be cool… and failed.

He did his best, but it didn’t stop Seonghwa and Wooyoung from judging him.

5. When Jongho knocked over his drink during a game and chaos ensued.

At least Hongjoong came to the rescue, even if the other members went wild!

6. When Hongjoong got scared by a popping balloon.

Balloons really do oftentimes seem to be idols’ kryptonite.

7. When Mingi lost his balance and couldn’t get up.

Who can’t wait for this adorable man to make appearances on livestreams again??

8. When San decided he wanted some of Seonghwa’s ice cream.

And Seonghwa looks absolutely disgusted.

9. When San got a little too enthusiastic and knocked over his drink, but Yunho was unbothered.

Wooyoung’s clothes, on the other hand, didn’t go unscathed!

10. When all of the members got scared by surprise confetti.

Poor Hongjoong looks traumatized.

11. When Mingi did his best to catch San… But it didn’t go as planned.

The other members’ lack of reaction makes it even funnier.

12. And San again, getting a little too energetic in his dinosaur costume.

He has too much energy for his own good!

13. And finally, when Wooyoung got scared by a shark game so San made sure to punish it.

Sharks don’t stand a chance against San’s reflexes!

Source: Yeosangcore, Atiny Twinny, Amicus Ad Arass and Image (1) and (2)


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