These Adorable Reactions From ATEEZ’s Members Being Called Handsome Will Make You Weak

They’re all so humble!

There’s no denying that ATEEZ is a group full of visuals. Though Seonghwa, Yeosang, and Wooyoung may be the official ones, any one of them could really wear that title and have it be appropriate for them!

However, it seems that most of the members are quite shy when it comes to being complimented about their appearance, and whenever they’re confronted with it, they often get flustered and adorable! Here’s a look back during fan calls when ATINYs were able to get the most endearing reactions out of each member of the group by asking them how it felt to be so handsome.

Yunho | @inniesthtic/Twitter

1. Hongjoong

Not only is Hongjoong beautiful in terms of his natural visuals, but his style is always so on-point as well, and he deserves to be told how gorgeous he is all the time! It doesn’t keep him from having this adorable response, though.

2. Seonghwa

It’s fairly well-known, though surprising, that Seonghwa didn’t find himself handsome when he was younger! But thanks to ATINYs compliments and love, it seems that he’s been able to get more confident in his appearance… But still gets shy when told directly!

3. Yunho

Yunho has the visuals of both an idol and an actor with his tall frame and strong features, but his personality is the complete opposite when he gets so flustered and embarrassed and tries to deny the truth of his handsomeness!

4. Yeosang

Despite so often being complimented for how beautiful his delicate and striking features are, Yeosang just flat-out tries to deny it in an adorable way!

5. San

San is the only member during this series that seems to be a bit more confident (and rightfully so!) in his response, but he still ends up getting shy and crediting his handsomeness to ATINYs and their love!

6. Mingi

Mingi clearly doesn’t know how to react to such praise for his handsomeness, so in true flirty Mingi fashion, he ends up turning the tables and complimenting the fan’s appearance instead!

7. Wooyoung

Even Wooyoung, known as the “sexy performer” of ATEEZ, can’t help but get shy and giggly and “so happy” when asked directly how it feels to be so handsome!

8. Jongho

ATEEZ’s strong and handsome maknae went from serious-faced to giggly real quick when he was asked the question, and refuses to give a straight answer!

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