13 Reasons Why ATEEZ’s Members Are The Chaotic Besties We All Need In Our Lives

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with them?

While ATEEZ‘s members are incredibly talented, kind, and hard-working, they are also all quite chaotic in the best way possible! Some of the members have more of this type of energy than others, but overall, they are extremely hilarious and entertaining to watch. They’re the type of K-Pop idols that are easy to imagine being friends with, and here are 13 reasons why they are the type of chaotic besties that we all could use in our lives!

1. Whenever they’re all together and have free reign, things pretty much always end up wild.

2. We all need that friend (or friends) who can bring out the child in us 😂

3. Even those that they work with can’t come up with words to describe their energy!

4. Even their two oldest members can’t contain themselves sometimes!

5. A truer statement has never been said.

6. When WooSanHwa get together, there’s nothing that can stop them.

7. It takes only a second for them to go from calm to this 😂

8. Even over video calls in quarantine, they are like this!

9. There is NOTHING more chaotic than ATEEZ playing the animal game.

10. Their livestreams are just… 😂😂

11. It would be so fun to play any game with these adorable goofballs.

12. This is how they adorably show their love for each other.

13. Name another idol group that has done this 😂