Just 30+ Posts Showing ATEEZ’s Members’ Insane Duality

Every member of the group has it!

Duality is a term that’s often thrown around in the K-Pop world to describe idols who have vastly different personalities at different times, usually on-stage versus off-stage. While there are many idols that do have this quality, all the members of ATEEZ are undoubtedly masters at this skill!

ATEEZ’s Mingi | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Here are 30+ pictures and posts to show just how amazing each of the members are at this unique and impressive ability!


1. What an adorable little sprout!

2. His smile would light up any room.

3. But his on-stage presence is no joke.

4. He’s not known as “demon Joong” for no reason!


1. He’s so adorably endearing when he’s holding stuffed animals.

2. The way he tends to look at everything with awe and fascination is so sweet.

3. But… Never forget this Seonghwa.

4. There’s nothing quite like ending demon Seonghwa.


1. When he makes this face!!

2. Who could resist squishing those cheeks?

3. But Yunho’s ending fairy is nothing to scoff at.

4. Other members may be more known for their “demon-like” stage presence, but Yunho’s on-stage persona is insane too!


1. The way he eats in tiny.

2. He’s so soft and beautiful!

3. But even with his delicate, pretty visuals, he’s a beast on stage.

4. Also, his arms???


1. The way he has cute sound effects for everything.

2. Look at cute hamster San!!

3. But then there’s the stunning demon San.

4. How are San stans still alive??


1. There’s a reason he’s the princess of ATEEZ!

2. The other members can’t stand the cuteness of his aegyo.

3. But this though??

4. Talk about a rap legend!!


1. Look at this cute baby!

2. When he goes 😮

3. But we can’t forget this photoshoot.

4. Is there anything more powerful than sleeveless Wooyoung?


1. Who else could look this cute doing the “Body” challenge?

2. Jongho acting like the adorable maknae he is.

3. But is there anything more incredible than his powerful high notes and presence on stage?

4. He has such an incredibly mature, handsome side to him too!