Just 25+ Gifs Proving ATEEZ’s Members Are The Sweetest With Kisses Towards Fans… And Each Other

Feeling sad? Have some smooches!

ATEEZ is a K-Pop group known for having members that aren’t afraid to show their affection for each other, both verbally and physically! While some of the members seem more enthusiastic about the latter than others, nearly all of them have given kisses towards fans at a camera, or even towards each other! Here are 25+ gifs of each of the members showing how sweet they are with adorable kisses.

1. Hongjoong



2. Seonghwa




3. Yunho

We couldn’t find any kissing gifs of Yunho… So here are some other cute gifs of him!



4. Yeosang




5. San




6. Mingi



7. Wooyoung




8. Jongho