20+ Hilarious Clips ATEEZ’s Members Have Personally Posted Of Each Other That Show Just How Chaotic They Are

They seem like the best kind of friends to have 😂

If you’ve been a fan of ATEEZ for any length of time, you’ve probably come to realize that they’re a hilariously chaotic group of people! Despite their undoubtedly busy and tiring schedules, they always take some time to have a bit of fun and act silly, which we love to see. Here are 20+ clips that the members have personally shared of each other that show just how entertaining and chaotic they are!

1. The time that Yunho came up with a creative solution to a common problem.

2. That time when the Force was with Seonghwa.

3. The day when Yeosang proved anything can be a fun ride.

4. When Yunho became a viral meme and also casually flexed his strength.

5. The time that Wooyoung found a unique use for Seonghwa’s arm.

6. When Jongho definitely doesn’t act like the maknae he actually is.

7. When Wooyoung wasn’t afraid to be groan-worthy cute on camera.

8. When Seonghwa used the Force once again.

9. The time that Seonghwa showed off his hand-eye coordination in the silliest way.

10. So many of these are Seonghwa 😂

11. When Wooyoung and San found a creative use for San’s slit-back shirt.

12. When San proved that he has magical powers.

13. The one day (of many) that Wooyoung proved to be a fan of Imitation.

14. When Yunho, San, and Seonghwa showed just how patient their manager is.

15. When San and Seonghwa responded appropriately to being called “handsome”.

16. The many times that ATEEZ had fun with their “Say My Name” choreography.

17. It happened a lot 😂

18. The time that Jongho had everyone swooning just from him breathing.

19. The time that Yunho hilariously tricked KQ Entertainment staff… Multiple times.

20. When Seonghwa, Yunho, and Mingi showed the kind of silliness that goes on at KQ Entertainment.

21. And finally, a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes of ATEEZ’s dance videos.


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