11 Hilarious Quotes From ATEEZ’s Members That Sound Fake But Are 100% Real

Honestly, most of them were said by Wooyoung.

On top of being phenomenal performers and kind-hearted people, the members of ATEEZ are also known to be hilarious! They’re so entertaining to watch on variety shows, but they’re also just funny without effort all the time. Here are 11 quotes that the members have said before that sound fake, but are totally real!

1. “We’re all butts! 8 makes 1 butt!”

During a very heated debate about butts, San tried to wrap things up in a cute way by making a play on their catch phrase “8 makes 1 team”!

2. “I’m good at all positions.”

When Hongjoong was doing an introduction of himself back when ATEEZ was still a rookie group, he made this comment about himself describing his multi-talented abilities in the group… But some people have taken it in a different way 😂

3. “I greeted ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jongho on Kakaotalk, but he just replied with his bank account number.”

It seems like Jongho knew exactly what he wanted from Mingi for his birthday based on this conversation! 😂

4. “There’s nothing wrong with being a little dumb.”

Wooyoung made all ATINYs feel a little better for their dumb moments with this reassuring comment towards San!

5. “I will make you a baby.”

This was Hongjoong’s response to Seonghwa when he was talking about how much he likes babies! They really are the parents of ATEEZ.

6. “Wooyoung’s panties??”

Jongho tried his best to read Yeosang’s lips during the whisper game, but he was a little bit off on this one! 😂

7. “All men do is lie.”

Have more relatable words ever been spoken by a K-Pop idol? 😂

8. “I was attracted by Hongjoong who treated me badly.”

Once again, Wooyoung takes the prize for making a hilarious and unexpected comment, this time about when ATEEZ’s leader was being harsh to him 😂

9. (Towards Jongho) “That’s a monster of capitalism.”

The gleeful look on Jongho’s face when Wooyoung says this makes the entire ordeal even more hilarious!

10. “Hyung, I want to feel it with my right cheek now.”

During a game while the members were feeling different objects with their face, Yunho said this to Seonghwa, who responded by calling Yunho a pervert 😂

11. “Emma Watson is mine.”

Yeosang seems to really be a big fan of Emma Watson, and isn’t afraid to show it!