30+ Images Of ATEEZ’s Members In Ripped Jeans To Make You šŸ„µ

Petition for more ripped jeans please, stylists??

There’s no denying that ATEEZ‘s members (and their stylists), for the most part, have an amazing taste in fashion. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all visual material, which means they can automatically look good in pretty much anything!

Something about the boys in ripped jeans, though, tends to get ATINYs hearts racing… And can you blame us? Here’s a look at 30+ images that prove just how gorgeous ATEEZ’s members are with tasteful but still sexy peeks of skin showing through their jeans!

1. Hongjoong

Hongjoong is well-known among ATEEZ fans for his unique, unconventional, and stunning fashion choices, but he still looks incredible in this more “basic” piece!

It would be amazing someday to see him design his own pair of ripped pants, since he loves to alter clothing!

2. Seonghwa

As one of the official visuals of ATEEZ, Seonghwa could pretty much wear a garbage bag and still look flawless.

A lot of Seonghwa’s best ripped jeans looks are from his notoriously gorgeous selfies!


3. Yunho

For as thirsted-over as Yunho’s strong thighs are, there are surprisingly few pictures of him in pants that show them off!

KQ Entertainment stylists, can we get more of this soon please??

4. Yeosang

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of pictures out there of Yeosang in ripped jeans…

… So here’s something else to enjoy instead!Ā šŸ˜œ

5. San

There’s no shortage of San in this style of clothing, which is nothing but a blessing for ATINYs.

In torn jeans and sleeveless shirts, just a glimpse of him could have anyone swooning!

6. Mingi

One of the many things we miss terribly about Mingi are his fun, tasteful fashion choices!

Whether going for an edgy look or something cuter, Mingi’s tall, lean frame and handsome visuals can pull off any style.


7. Wooyoung

Perhaps shockingly, Wooyoung is another member without a lot of pictures of him in this style of pants…

… So here are some pictures of him in shorts with his “amicus ad aras” tattoo exposed instead!

8. Jongho

Jongho may be known to be one of the more conservatively dressed of ATEEZ, but that doesn’t stop him from rocking some ripped jeans!

And who can complain, getting any glimpse of his ridiculously strong, muscular body?