25 Pictures Of ATEEZ’s Members Looking Absolutely Gorgeous In Red

Get ready to swoon.

Studies have shown that red is the most attractive color, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that K-Pop idols seem to look especially stunning in red outfits. ATEEZ, with their already gorgeous visuals, are complete knockouts when dressed in the vibrant color, with ATINYs often swooning whenever their stylists decide to cover them in crimson. Here are 25 photos of the members that show just how beautiful they look in red.

1. Hongjoong

Whether dressed formally in a suit or casually in a sleeveless top, Hongjoong looks every bit the powerful and captivating leader he is in the color.


2. Seonghwa

Seonghwa looks gorgeous in anything, but red outfits paired with a matching eye look make him impossible not to get butterflies over.

3. Yunho

Yunho looks so handsome and mature in the shade when he wants to, but he also still has his undeniably adorable charms as well!

4. Yeosang

Yeosang seems to radiate well-deserved confidence and regality when dressed in all red, only further proving his deserving the visual title.

5. San

How can ATINYs be okay when they see phenomenal performer San looking like he does in these stunning pictures??

6. Mingi

We all miss this adorable sweetie terribly, and can’t wait to see him back to promoting with ATEEZ again, dressed in whatever makes him feel most comfortable and confident (maybe something like these?)!


7. Wooyoung

Like Yeosang, this gorgeous visual seems so confident and radiates power and charisma in red!


8. Jongho

Depending on the look he goes with, Jongho can look like the cute maknae he is or incredibly handsome and mature in this color!


9. All

Petition to get more all-red stages from ATEEZ??