25+ Pictures Of ATEEZ’s Members With Animals To Make You Totally Melt

Whether real animals or fake animals, ATEEZ looks adorable with them all.

There’s no denying that the members of ATEEZ can be absolutely adorable when they want to be, even if they seem like they can be intimidating on-stage when performing. What’s even more adorable than the members on their own, however, are pictures and videos taken of them with equally adorable animals! Whether real or plushies, ATINYs will likely struggle to find anything more endearing than this combination. Here are 25+ pictures of the members with different cute critters!

1. Hongjoong

While Hongjoong unfortunately doesn’t have many pictures of himself with real animals, he can pull off cute or sassy vibes with plushies depending on his mood!

2. Seonghwa

Seonghwa doesn’t seem to have many, if any, pictures of himself with animals — which is a huge shame, just imagine him with a puppy! — but he certainly knows how to make fans swoon at how both handsome and cute he looks with stuffed animals.


3. Yunho

The sweet “puppy” of ATEEZ seems to be right in his element when he’s around furry critters!


4. Yeosang

Picture this: Handsome model Yeosang doing a photoshoot with some beautiful or elegant animals to give him an even more ethereal aesthetic!


5. San

Based on the kinds of animals that San has interacted with, he seems to like them in all shapes, sizes, and species!


6. Mingi

Mingi once adorably tried to feed an emu despite being frightened of it, and there’s arguably no other member of ATEEZ that looks sweeter and more endearing with plushies than he does!

7. Wooyoung

Wooyoung is much like a cute, excitable little dog himself, so it makes sense why he would get along so well with one!



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8. Jongho

ATEEZ’s bold maknae doesn’t seem afraid to get up close and personal with any kind of animal, but also looks adorable with a bear plush that looks just like him!