Here Are ATEEZ’s Members Creatively Re-Imagined As Pokémon Gym Leaders

Do you agree with these choices?

Pokémon has been seeing a resurgence of popularity lately, especially for those who like to collect cards from the franchise! Something that can be fun to ponder over is what type of gym leader you would be if you were in the Pokémon universe, based on your likes, dislikes, and personality traits.

Something else that can be interesting to think about is what type of Pokémon your favorite K-Pop idols might specialize in! Here are the 8 members of ATEEZ and what type might be suitable for them, though of course these are subjective and open to discussion.

1. Hongjoong: Psychic Type

Hongjoong is known as the genius behind much of ATEEZ’s music, and psychic-type Pokémon are definitely those with the most intelligence in general. He also makes an effort to keep himself educated in all kinds of important topics, and is overall someone to be admired for how much he uses his brain for good!

Possible team: Meowstic, Espeon, Xatu

2. Seonghwa: Dragon Type


Dragon-type Pokémon are considered some of the rarest and most special of all the types, and not just anyone can specialize in training them. The most obvious reason to make Seonghwa a dragon-type gym leader is his comparison to the dragon Toothless, but he is also an incredibly special, one-of-a-kind person that you can’t help but love and admire. Dragon types are also very powerful, and there’s no doubting that Seonghwa also has this trait on stage!

Possible team: Altaria, Dragapult, Dragonair

3. Yunho: Electric Type

Electric-type Pokémon are known for their bright, seemingly endless energy, and Yunho fits this description perfectly! He’s known as the cheerful, optimistic member of ATEEZ, and helps to lighten the mood with his contagious positivity. That’s why this type would be excellent for him!

Possible team: Pachirisu, Yamper, Zebstrika

4. Yeosang: Water Type

Water-type Pokémon tend to have somewhat dual personalities: They can be cool, calm, and collected when necessary, but also powerful and energetic when the need arises. Yeosang is one of the quietest members of ATEEZ, but that shouldn’t fool anyone into thinking he isn’t incredibly capable of great feats. The dual nature of water types would therefore be suitable for him!

Possible team: Milotic, Primarina, Lapras

5. San: Flying Type


San has the bright energy of electric-types and the fiery passion of fire-types, but one of his most unique traits is how much he’s able to control his body and perform incredible feats that seem impossible. Flying, by nature, often seems to defeat the laws of physics, so that’s why this type would be suitable for this incredible performer!

Possible team: Corviknight, Talonflame, Emolga

6. Mingi: Fairy Type

Of course, there shouldn’t be any doubt that our pink-loving princess and aegyo king Mingi would be best suited for fairy types. Along with being pretty and enchanting, fairy types also love to be in the spotlight, and are oftentimes a bit quirky — both of which are traits that Mingi adorably owns! No one would be able to resist his charm with a team of equally cute Pokémon.

Possible team: Alcremie, Galarian Rapidash, Dedenne

7. Wooyoung: Fire Type

Wooyoung isn’t one of ATEEZ’s main dancers for no reason, and even Studio Choom has recognized his skill and passion for the art by inviting him to be their artist of the month for June! Fire-type Pokémon command attention with their awe-inspiring presence, and Wooyoung never fails to own the stage when it’s his time to shine.

Possible team: Blaziken, Cyndaquil, Alolan Marowak

8. Jongho: Steel Type

Last but certainly not least, ATEEZ’s ridiculously strong maknae would be an excellent gym leader specializing in steel-type Pokémon. These types of Pokémon are known for their durability, strength, and power, and Jongho is undoubtedly the king of these things within the group. Not to mention, his stunning voice is powerful enough on its own to make this type of Pokémon suitable for him!

Possible team: Steelix, Mawile, Metagross

Which type of Pokémon would you pair with each member of ATEEZ?