Showing Appreciation For The Numerous Tattoos & Piercings Of ATEEZ’s Members

All of their tattoos have such special meanings, too.

Being the artistic and creative K-Pop idols that they are, it isn’t surprising that some of the members of ATEEZ have fun body modifications! Some members have piercings while others have tattoos, and while we’ve seen a fair number of them, it’s also possible they have some that we don’t know about. So here are the body modifications of ATEEZ’s members that we know of!

1. Hongjoong

Hongjoong is easily ATEEZ’s member with the most body modifications! At his last count, he had nine ear piercings — four on his left ear and five on his right — and loves to experiment with different styles with his piercings.

While he has also had several different temporary tattoos in the past as well, there is only one that we know of currently that’s permanent: His ankle tattoo. It has the word “FAITH” written horizontally with wings on either side, and was designed by Hongjoong himself!

Here’s a look at some of his other temporary tattoos as well.

2. Seonghwa

As far as we know, Seonghwa just has a single lobe piercing on his left ear!

Though, while he doesn’t actually have a belly button piercing, we certainly wouldn’t be complaining if he got one 👀

3. Yunho

Yunho is actually one of two of ATEEZ’s members that doesn’t seem to have any tattoos or piercings, at least that we know about! However, that doesn’t stop him from having temporary fake piercings.

4. Yeosang

Yeosang doesn’t have any tattoos, but he does have three piercings: Two lobe piercings on his right ear, and one on his left!

Some fans think piercings suit him well, though, and have done edits of him with more!

5. San

San doesn’t have any piercings, but he has confirmed that he has a tattoo matching one of Wooyoung‘s!

Though we haven’t had a glimpse of it yet, he said that he has a tattoo with the phrase “Amicus ad aras”, a Latin phrase that means “friends until death”. It’s a phrase that the two ATEEZ members use for their friendship, showing just how precious their relationship is. Hopefully someday we’ll be lucky enough to get a glimpse!

Of course, the fan edits are numerous for tattoos and piercings for San, and we can’t blame ATINYs for doing them! He has also had fake ones in the past as well.

6. Mingi

Mingi is the other member of ATEEZ without piercings or tattoos that we know about! Like others, however, he’s had his fair share of fake ones that he’s rocked as well as fan edits.

7. Wooyoung

Wooyoung, like Hongjoong, has both tattoos and piercings!

He has four ear piercings total, with three on his left ear and one on his right.

As mentioned earlier, he has a matching “Amicus ad aras” tattoo with San, with his being on his right thigh. And unlike San’s, fans have been able to get glimpses of it!

He also has two other tattoos: He has the Spanish phrase “sin prosa sin pausa” on the left side of his ribcage, which fans haven’t been able to see too clearly yet.

And most recently, he had the phrase “I’m never alone and I never will be” tattooed onto his upper back!

Even with all of these real body modifications, however, fans still have fun with edits 😂

8. Jongho

Finally, maknae Jongho has two piercings, one in each earlobe!

Of course, though, as with the other members, fans have gotten creative with their piercing and tattoo edits.