Just 30+ Images Of ATEEZ’s Members Smiling Brightly To Cheer Up Your Day

Need a serotonin boost? We’ve got you covered.

What’s better than seeing your favorite K-Pop idol happy and smiling brightly? It’s hard to beat the joy that seeing such a sight brings to a K-Pop fan, especially when it’s the fans that make their idol so happy! For ATINYs, seeing the members of ATEEZ giddy and full of life is a beautiful thing. Here are 30+ images and gifs of the boys seeming to be having the time of their lives!

1. Hongjoong’s gorgeous side profile is even better with a smile.


2. Seonghwa’s smiling selcas are the best.

3. How soft and sweet is Yunho with a smile in a fuzzy sweater?


4. Yeosang’s visual status is only more obvious when he smiles.

5. San looks like pure sunshine here.

6. Mingi’s smile is so dearly missed!


7. Pure joy is a good look on Wooyoung.


8. Jongho looks like the adorable maknae he is with a gummy grin!


9. We stan Hongjoong glowing and happy.

10. Have you ever seen such a handsome and cheerful Slytherin?

11. Yunho looks like the happy puppy that he is!

12. Imagine being the one to make Yeosang look like this.

13. Even without the editing, San is ridiculously adorable.

14. His smile is enough to make any ATINY swoon.

15. Whoever made Wooyoung this giddy, bless you.

16. Just look at this cutie!


17. Hongjoong’s best accessory is that beautiful smile.


18. Pure visual.

19. This just makes you want to pinch his cute cheeks!

20. Yeosang’s smile is even more dangerous when directed right at the camera!

21. San’s eye-smile is just Heaven.


22. It’s so easy to hear his sweet laugh!

23. What we would do to make him this happy every day!

24. What’s brighter, Jongho’s gorgeous glow or his sweet bunny grin?

25. It might as well be medicine.

26. Seonghwa deserves all the love in the world.

27. Who would ever get tired of looking at it?

28. His little laugh just adds to the cuteness.

29. How could anyone be sad looking at this?

30. Seeing his precious smile again is going to make the world feel right once more.

31. Such a lucky fan!

32. We all need more serotonin these days.