Just 19 Soft Moments Between ATEEZ’s Members That Will Make You Emotional AF

Get ready to squeal at the cuteness!

While ATEEZ‘s members are known for their incredible on-stage personas and how intense they can get when they’re performing, ATINYs know that they’re anything but intimidating off-stage.

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong and Seonghwa

They all interact so cutely together, making for countless soft and adorable moments between the members! Here are just 19 interactions between them that will have you squealing.

1. We all need a friend like Mingi.

2. The most adorable snowball fight.

3. Wooyoung and San proving they’ve always been friendship goals.

4. There’s almost too much adorableness here to handle.

5. Hongjoong may be ATEEZ’s leader, but he still has a sweet child-like side the other members can bring out of him!

6. Even some of their on-stage moments are ridiculously endearing!

7. Honestly, the whole choreography for “Dancing Like Butterfly Wings” is just too insanely cute!

8. Who knows what’s going on with these two goofs, but it’s still adorable.

9. This sweet interaction between Yunho and Yeosang is everything.

10. Have you ever seen anyone so happy to get a hat placed on their head?

11. Instead of having a friend catch you when you fall… Have a friend that will fall with you?

12. Jongho’s cheeks really do look too irresistable not to squish!

13. Even when they’re “fighting”, it’s ridiculously cute.

14. We stan adorable dance kings.

15. Is there anything cuter than these two besties?

16. Hongjoong and Seonghwa are the most endearing hyungs anyone could ask for.

17. Mingi naturally brings the cuteness out of everyone.

18. It’s so sweet how comfortable they are with each other!

19. Who else got distracted by these two silly guys in their “Who’s Who” video??