13 Times ATEEZ’s Members Were Each Other’s Biggest Fans

They’re all so incredibly talented, it’s no wonder they can’t stay calm!

There’s no doubt that ATEEZ has a passionate and loyal fanbase of ATINYs that are always ready to cheer the boys on and support them in their journey as musical artists. What’s also impossible not to notice is just how much the members of ATEEZ are fans of each other! From hyping each other up to showing each other their love through kind acts and all kinds of other behaviors, it’s obvious that the boys care for and admire each other greatly. Here are just 13 of the many times they’ve proven it!

1. The time that Hongjoong wrote a whole song — “Thank U” — dedicated to Seonghwa for being a great friend and support for him.

What could be a greater gift than something from the heart like this?

2. When Seonghwa complimented Yeosang’s pretty eyes.

Nobody can blame Seonghwa for his comments about Yeosang — he’s beautiful all over!

3. And when Yeosang returned the compliment!

We stan visuals complimenting their fellow visuals!

4. Every time that Mingi has looked at Jongho like a proud dad when the maknae raps on stage.

Even though Jongho is the main vocalist of the group, he can nail the rap parts of ATEEZ’s songs as well!

5. When San cheered Wooyoung on during the sporting events on Kingdom: Legendary War.

Bonus footage from when he tackled Wooyoung to the ground when he won the relay!

6. The time when Wooyoung fanboyed over Yeosang perfectly performing a dance they learned as trainees at BigHit Entertainment.

It’s amazing that Yeosang was able to remember it from so long ago!

7. Their entire reaction video for the “Fireworks (I’m The One)” music video is basically them just praising and hyping each other up!

We all need friends that cheer us on like the boys do for each other in this!

8. When San and Seonghwa came to hype Wooyoung up during his recording for Studio Choom.

Can you imagine being able to see his solo in person like this?? No wonder they reacted so strongly!

9. When, even on separate teams for a relay dance game, they couldn’t help but cheer on and fanboy over every member that performed!

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you’re seriously missing out — it showcases ATEEZ’s dance abilities, charisma, and love for each other and their fans.

10. When Yeosang was ATEEZ’s representative ATINY at a fansign.

Even if it was just for fun, the compliments were definitely genuine.

11. When the members got increasingly loud and excited for Yunho and Jongho as they excelled at the jegichagi challenge.

It’s certainly not an easy skill, yet those two set the bar!

12. When Seonghwa proved to be Hongjoong’s biggest fan and support by going to encourage him before his solo rap stage.

The relationship that these two have with each other is so precious!

13. And finally, all the times that ATEEZ’s members have said that without Hongjoong as their talented, hard-working, selfless leader, there would be no ATEEZ.

They (and we) are so lucky to have a captain like Hongjoong, who loves them dearly in return!

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