ATEEZ Mingi’s Abs Made A Spectacular Comeback — And Here Are 13 Reactions That Prove ATINYs Are Really Going Through It

“Goodbye, everyone. It was nice knowing you all.”

ATEEZ‘s concert in Los Angeles has been one of the most exciting yet, and not just because the performances were on point. Fans have been blown away by the unexpected appearance of Mingi‘s abs, which, judging by the hilarious reactions online, turned out to be one of the highlights of the show! Mingi donned a boxer-style robe and left his shirt unbuttoned, leaving fans struggling to process…everything.

Here are 13 reactions on Twitter that prove fans are really going through it after the unexpected comeback of Mingi’s abs!


1. Comeback of the year

2. Why, Mingi

3. Is it a dream?

4. This was premeditated

5. What a time to be alive

6. Was it even real

7. The one and only Mr Fix On

8. Feelings all over the place

9. He’s insane for this

10. The duality!

11. Why do they gotta do that

12. Goodbye world

13. Even Wooyoung was caught by surprise