13 Times ATEEZ’s Mingi Dominated The Stage With His Charisma

We can’t wait to see him own the stage again soon!

ATEEZ‘s Mingi is officially back after his much-deserved break, and fans of the group have been ecstatic since it was announced! In order to continue to celebrate his highly anticipated return from hiatus, here’s a look at 13 times that this incredibly talented rapper, dancer, and performer totally owned the stage with his power and charisma.

1. Every time he did THIS iconic choreography.

He absolutely slayed this part of the dance every time.

2. The styling? The slicked back hair? Mingi’s perfect proportions, incredible dancing, and gorgeous visuals? This fancam was and is iconic.

Mingi has owned every ATEEZ era, but “Inception” was particularly incredible!!

3. Just look how the other members can’t help but hype him up when he raps!

Honestly though, how could anyone not if they were on the same stage as him when he’s spitting fire?

4. When he and Yunho perform together on stage, they’re basically unstoppable.

We love seeing these two best friends burn up the stage!!

5. If this part of “Say My Name” doesn’t give you goosebumps, you’re lying.

Mingi’s deep vocals are everything!!

6. Of course, we can never forget about his iconic performance of “Wonderland” at the 2019 MAMAs.

You can practically hear every ATINY in the audience collectively losing their minds.

7. The ending of this “HALA HALA” performance during Hongjoong’s rap proves that even when he’s not in the spotlight, Mingi doesn’t break character.

And then when it becomes his turn to rap, of course, he totally kills it.

8. The blindfold? The vibe? The energy? “Desire” was such a blessed performance.

Is there any concept Mingi can’t perfect?

9. Honestly, any of Mingi’s stages could be used as an example of his performance abilities.

We stan a powerful king.

10. Even when he is doing a less intense rap, his stage presence is still captivating.

He just looks like he has so much fun performing, and it makes it so fun to watch!

11. The lyrics to “Win” are so perfect for Mingi’s return.

Is there anything more convincing than him saying “we are gonna win”? We think not.

12. This close-up fancam gives us such a stunning look at how intense Mingi looks when he really gets in the zone.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s such a cutie off-stage!

13. Rap duo Mingi & Hongjoong just hit differently together.

They have such different styles that compliment each other so perfectly, and we can’t wait to see them perform together again!!

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