20 Iconic ATEEZ Moments That Every ATINY Should Know

These are just a few of countless ones.

The ATEEZ fandom has been growing lately, thanks to their participation on Kingdom, the K-Drama Imitation, and just due to their overall incredible talent and loveability. Whether you’re an old fan wanting to relive some legendary or hilarious moments, or a new fan that wants to learn some important and silly times in ATEEZ history, this list is for you!

1. This epic moment today between San and Jessi on Immortal Songs.

2. When Seonghwa so beautifully slayed the kraken on Kingdom.

3. The one of countless times that Jongho proved why he’s one of the strongest vocalists of the 4th generation.

4. Just some adorable guys being endearingly goofy.

5. If you haven’t seen this pre-debut performance of theirs, you’re really missing out.

6. When things got a little interesting during a game of Twister 😂

7. That time that Seonghwa had hilariously perfect aim.

8. When they performed this stunning dance cover of “Very Good” by Block B, their seniors!

9. The time that Yunho accidentally got a little too aggressive in an inflatable sword fight with Hongjoong.

10. This slightly questionable Seonghwa and Hongjoong moment.

11. The time that San risked ATEEZ’s gold button joyfully.

12. Everything about this dance battle was iconic.

13. The time that Yeosang lifted up and squatted Yunho as if he weighed nothing.

14. When Mingi absolutely slayed “Wonderland” at the 2019 MAMAs.

15. When Yeosang tried to adorably cheat his way through this event on the sports episode of Kingdom.

16. That time when Yunho was really feeling himself dancing “Troublemaker” with Mingi.

17. If you didn’t know where Hongjoong’s “all positions” title came from…

18. When San dressed up as an old man to surprise fans performing “Wonderland”.

19. This time (among many) that Yunho twerked will forever be iconic.

20. And finally, the results of the latest episode of Immortal Songs…!

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