15 ATEEZ Moments That Seem Fake But 100% Happened

These guys are never not entertaining 😂

ATEEZ‘s members are known not only for being incredible performers with wide-ranging talents, but they’re also hilarious and very playful as well! ATINYs are often treated to all kinds of entertainment when the members aren’t even on stage, and sometimes their antics can be so dramatic and unbelievable that they don’t seem real. Here are 15 times that ATEEZ did or said something that seem fake but definitely happened, inspired by a recent Twitter thread!

1. When San gave Jongho a polaroid photo of Wooyoung on his birthday.

2. When Jongho took their “Say My Name” choreography to a whole new level.

3. When Wooyoung insisted on discussing butts 😂

4. When ATEEZ and ATINY chanted “Daddy!” to the group’s CEO at a concert 🤣

5. When some of the members posted… Questionably sensual content during their time in the U.S. earlier this year 😂

6. When Wooyoung and Yunho had absolutely no chill on stage, and it was the best.

7. When poor Seonghwa had to check the damage San had done to his body during a livestream 😂

8. When Wooyoung was impossibly and effortlessly sexy during a fanmeet 🥵

9. When Seonghwa just pulled out a sword on stage during their “From the Wonderland” performances on tour 👀

10. When Yeosang drove ATINYs wild with his sexy dance during quarantine 🥵

11. When visual king Seonghwa supported the cat-Seonghwa agenda himself 😹

12. All the times that San has talked about butts.

13. When Wooyoung taught the other members a… Particular dance move 👀

14. When Yeosang taught an ATINY a naughty word 🤭

15. And finally, when Wooyoung confidently confirmed his charms.