These Are The Most-Replayed Parts Of 20 ATEEZ Music Videos

We could watch these all day 🙌

With YouTube‘s new feature that allows viewers to see what the most-replayed part of any video is, many K-Pop fans have taken advantage of the data to see what the most popular parts of music videos are! Given how engaging and interesting ATEEZ‘s music videos are, it’s pretty much impossible to determine what the most-replayed part of any of them are. And so, here are the most-replayed parts of 20 ATEEZ music videos!

1. “Pirate King”

The most-replayed part of “Pirate King” begins at 0:56, which is when the iconic beat-drop of the chorus happens!

2. “Treasure”

The most-replayed part of “Treasure” begins at 0:53, which is when the pre-chorus really begins to pick up in the song!


The most-replayed part of “HALA HALA” begins at 1:35, and the length of it features the hard-hitting and legendary choreography and vocals of the first part of the chorus!

4. “Say My Name”

The most-replayed part of “Say My Name” begins at 3:31, when Mingi boldly sings the title of the song before it breaks into the stunning final chorus!

5. “Wave”

The most-replayed part of “Wave” begins at 0:30, again starting with lovable Mingi and including Hongjoong‘s rap part as well!

6. “Illusion”

The most-replayed part of “Illusion” begins at 0:15, and lasts throughout Hongjoong’s first catchy rap in the song!

7. “Aurora”

The most-replayed part of “Aurora” begins at 0:58, which is when Yunho and Jongho start the beautiful pre-chorus with their clear vocals!

8. “Wonderland”

The most-replayed part of “Wonderland” begins at 2:46, where Mingi once again takes center-stage with his iconic lead into the dance break!

9. “Answer”

The most-replayed part of “Answer” begins at 1:44, and pretty much just includes Wooyoung‘s memorable hip thrust in the chorus 😂

10. “Inception”

The most-replayed part of “Inception” begins at 1:14, which once again features Wooyoung in the center owning the choreography, and also includes Seonghwa‘s unforgettable ab flash!

11. “The Black Cat Nero”

The most-replayed part of “The Black Cat Nero” begins at 4:00, when legend Kim Jong Kook makes his appearance in the spooky video!

12. “Fireworks (I’m The One)”

The most-replayed part of “Fireworks (I’m The One)” begins at 0:30, and includes the entirety of San looking stunning and sexy in an ab-baring crop top!

13. “Dreamers”

The most-replayed part of “Dreamers” begins at 0:39, and lasts all throughout Seonghwa’s first real showcasing of his rapping abilities!

14. “Be My Lover”

The most-replayed part of “Be My Lover” begins at 1:20, and lasts throughout Hongjoong’s fast-paced rapping along with the members and Kim Jong Kook looking adorable!

15. “Deja Vu”

The most-replayed part of “Deja Vu” begins at 2:53, when San breaks forward at the beginning of the last chorus and leads to his and Wooyoung’s captivating interaction during the choreography!

16. “Eternal Sunshine”

The most-replayed part of “Eternal Sunshine” begins at 3:45, which is actually at the end of the music video where the members are just posing adorably!

17. “Turbulence”

The most-replayed part of “Turbulence” begins at 3:04, when Wooyoung takes off into the air while the song begins concluding beautifully.

18. “The Real”

The most-replayed part of “The Real” begins at 2:57, when the “break” in the song happens that includes Wooyoung’s thrown ball blocked by a stoic-looking Mingi!

19. “Don’t Stop”

The most-replayed part of “Don’t Stop” begins at 1:05, where besties San and Wooyoung look like the most handsome bad boys gambling together.

20. “Rocky (Boxers Ver.)”

The most-replayed part of “Rocky (Boxers Ver.)” begins at 2:30, when Seonghwa and San have their iconic interaction in the video and leads into Jongho’s phenomenal vocals!