40+ Pictures Of ATEEZ With Plushies To Make You 🥺

They’re too adorable for words.

ATEEZ may be best-known for their intense and powerful stage performances, but fans of the group know very well that the members themselves are sweet, kind-hearted people that love cute and adorable things, like plushies! Some of them have personal plushies of their own that they’ve had for years, while others happily accept them as gifts from ATINYs at fansigns and other events. Here’s 40+ images of ATEEZ’s members with adorable plushies to make you weak!

1. Hongjoong

Even the leader & captain of ATEEZ himself can’t resist squeezing an adorable stuffed animal.

Sometimes he even goes as far as imitating them!

2. Seonghwa

Seonghwa’s most well-known and much-loved plushie is his adorable turtle!

Like Hongjoong, he also can’t resist trying to look like some of the cutest or silliest plushies as well.

3. Yunho

Everyone knows that Yunho is pretty much just a big teddy bear, so it makes sense that he looks natural holding plushies!


What do you think is more huggable: Yunho, or the stuffed animals he’s squeezing?


4. Yeosang

Yeosang’s beautiful visuals can look softer or more intense depending on the situation, and with plushies, it definitely tends to be the former.


He even has a habit of… Appearing to try to eat them sometimes!

5. San

An loyal ATINY knows that San loves to collect plushies, and has a special Shiba Inu plush called Shiber that he takes with him all over.

San is so adorable and endearing on his own, seeing him with a soft squishy stuffed animal is almost too much to handle!

6. Mingi

Even though Mingi was on hiatus for a time (and we’re all ecstatic that he’s back!), he still has plenty of pictures with these lovable toys!

Like Yunho, Mingi is just a giant softie at heart, and he looks natural with a plush by his side.

7. Wooyoung

Even ATEEZ’s “sexy performer” Wooyoung can’t resist cuddling up with a cute stuffed animal!


And he seems to be another member that likes to mimic their facial expressions sometimes too!


8. Jongho

Jongho snuggling plushies that ATINYs give him at fansigns might just be the cutest thing ever.

It’s so sweet that someone as strong and powerful as Jongho can be so gentle with them!