Just 25+ Gorgeous Pictures Of Unwhitewashed ATEEZ To Bless Your Timeline

Unedited pictures of ATEEZ = best pictures of ATEEZ.

Whitewashing is, sadly, an issue that is pretty prevalent in the K-Pop industry. It refers to when images of anyone — in this case, K-Pop idols — have been edited to make their skin look lighter than it actually is. The standard of beauty in South Korean culture includes pale skin, and for those with naturally darker skin, they or others may feel the need to make themselves look lighter in order to fit this standard.

While this is a common issue in fan-taken, and even official, pictures of K-Pop idols, there is still a huge majority of fans that prefer to see their favorite idols in their natural beauty! Thankfully, there are many pictures of ATEEZ‘s members that haven’t been heavily edited to change their appearance, and the results make them look absolutely glowing. Here are 25+ unwhitewashed photos of the guys that are totally breathtaking.

1. Hongjoong

Hongjoong’s red hair in particular really brought out the gorgeous warmth in his skin!

2. Seonghwa

Seonghwa isn’t a visual of the group for no reason, and these more candid photos of him prove it.

3. Yunho

Doesn’t Yunho just give off the vibes of a sun-kissed summer romance?

4. Yeosang

Another visual of the group, and evidence of why this is a very appropriate position for beautiful Yeosang.

5. San

No matter what hair color San has, his perfect complexion and dewy skin always make it look stunning on him.

6. Mingi

Who else still misses this Mingi even after we were blessed with his recent public appearance??

7. Wooyoung

ATEEZ’s members are all so gorgeous that they needed to have three visuals… And handsome Wooyoung was the perfect choice for the third.

8. Jongho

Jongho really is a maknae to be reckoned with, between his gorgeous golden visuals and multi-talented abilities!

9. More!

The only thing better than unedited pictures of ATEEZ’s members is unedited pictures of them together!