ATEEZ Radiates The Hottest Bad Boy Energy In Vogue Korea Photoshoot

We’re not okay 🥵

Recently, ATEEZ was featured in an article for Vogue Korea in which they shared thoughts about their ongoing world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End, their creative process and insight into their performance philosophies, and many other topics that are important to the group and ATINYs alike.

Included in the article was a stunning photoshoot featuring full-group photos as well as individual ones, and the best way they can be described is breathtaking.

In their full-group photos, ATEEZ proves that they truly are a group of visuals with sleek and simple suits that radiate power.

There are also two gorgeous partial group photos, one of the group’s youngest four (SanMingiWooyoung, and Jongho) and one of their older four (SeonghwaHongjoongYunho, and Yeosang), all of them dressed in slightly grungier styles that give them a handsome bad boy aesthetic.

Leader and captain Hongjoong is known for his unique fashion and experimental styles, and he fits the concept of this photoshoot perfectly.

Seonghwa’s gorgeous visuals don’t need anything to prove how beautiful the oldest member of the group is, and his simple yet captivating solo picture is enough to make jaws drop.

Yunho’s photo is a little more sensual and intimate than the others, making it especially enchanting and personal to the viewer.

Yeosang really needs no words to describe how handsome he is, and the simple styling and setting that his photo was taken in really lets his visuals shine.

San’s photo gives him peak bad boy vibes with his fake injuries, bare shoulders, and confident stance, and we’re pretty sure all San-biased ATINYs are swooning over this artful piece.

Mingi looks like he would fit perfectly in some kind of street racing film, and the rugged look suits the handsome, deep-voiced rapper so well!

Wooyoung’s playful and mischievous personality still manages to come across even in his more serious image, as he too bares his shoulders and collarbone in a sexy fitted top.

And finally, Jongho absolutely shines in a close-up black and white portrait, giving fans an intimate look into his soulful eyes.

Understandably, ATINYs aren’t able to contain themselves on social media over these stunning photos.

What will ATEEZ stun us with next?

Source: Vogue Korea