Here Are 15+ Relatable Fan Reactions To ATEEZ’s Gorgeous “Deja Vu” Music Video

Are we doing okay, ATINYs?

ATEEZ just released their latest album, ZERO: FEVER Part.3, along with the music video for the title song, “Deja Vu”. The MV is a gorgeous blend of powerful and sensual, and fans are absolutely in love with it!

Unsurprisingly, many ATINYs have taken to social media to express their feelings about this long-awaited OT8 comeback. Check out these 15+ relatable reactions!

1. ZERO: FEVER Part.3 is a no-skip album.

2. While we missed Jongho in the choreography, he still stunned in the MV!

3. The power these images hold 🙌

4. Name a group with more iconic modes of transportation.

5. No one can resist the power of ATEEZ!

6. Name a trio of better B-Side bangers!

7. Where’s the lie?

8. Nothing more needs to be said.

9. This comeback is simply legendary!


11. The rain scene + Yunho’s hip sways are everything.

12. Woosan stans, you doing alright?

13. Brb, brain is malfunctioning.

14. Performance AND vocal kings.

15. Definitely relatable.

16. We’re all so lucky to have this king back.

17. Truer words never spoken :’)