20+ Adorable Baby & Pre-Debut Photos Of ATEEZ’s San To Celebrate His Birthday

He’s always been so handsome!

On July 10, 1999, a future star was born into the world: ATEEZ‘s lead vocalist and performance king, San! Now well-known for his charisma, intense stage presence, and adorable personality, it seems that he was born to be a performer, and it’s no wonder that he’s considered one of the most promising K-Pop idols of the fourth generation!

Here’s a look back at some adorable and endearing photos of when he was young, as well as some taken when he was a trainee before ATEEZ debuted, in order to celebrate his birthday!

1. Whether serious-faced or smiling wide for his dimples to show, baby San could have captured anyone’s heart!

2. Look at that stylish bleached hair he used to rock!

3. It’s amazing how his cute, sweet squishy cheeks became so chiseled and handsome as they are today!

4. It’s easy to imagine that tons of people probably crushed on him in his school-age years — he was already so good-looking!

5. These photos are a precious glimpse into his life leading up to him becoming a K-Pop idol.

6. His brownish-auburn hair paired with a headband pre-debut suited his sweet personality so well!

7. But he could also look so sophisticated and handsome in a suit at that young age as well.

8. It’s impossible to get enough of these beautiful pictures of San’s youth!

9. And as for today… His visuals have only grown even more handsome, but he’s still the same adorable, energetic, kind-hearted guy that he always was!


Happy birthday San! We hope that you have an incredible day, and many more wonderful birthdays to come!