17 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove ATEEZ’s San Is Talented Beyond Compare

There’s a reason people are stunned to learn he’s not in the dance line!

There’s no doubt that all of the members of ATEEZ are incredibly talented, and each deserves to be recognized for their unique abilities, whether it be in dancing, rapping, singing, or any combination of those and more! San in particular has often been called out for his incredible stage presence and charisma, and it’s very easy to quickly figure out why.

Though his official position in the group is as a lead vocalist, many people new to the ATEEZ fandom are shocked to learn that he’s not in the dance line because of how captivating he is on stage. It’s just hard to grasp that one person could be so gifted in so many ways! Here are 17 pieces of evidence to prove just how many incredible talents San has.

1. He has the title of lead vocalist for a reason.

2. He might not officially be in the dance line, but he is considered ATEEZ’s “representative performer”!

3. Even the other members of ATEEZ can’t help but fanboy over him!

4. His facial expressions when he’s performing are nothing short of completely captivating.

5. How is he REAL?

6. He can even change his intense movements quickly without warning to keep fellow members safe.

7. Every picture of him performing is a masterpiece.

8. 100% agree!

9. You can tell he genuinely loves performing, and that makes him even more fun to watch.

10. He truly seems to have no limits to what he can do.

11. He has even been chosen to star in a K-Drama alongside fellow ATEEZ members Yunho, Jongho, and Seonghwa!

12. He covers other groups’ dances like a pro.

13. He (and the rest of ATEEZ) did their sunbaes Block B proud with this cover of “Very Good”!

14. Just his stage presence alone is enough to steal your breath away.

15. He truly deserves worldwide recognition.

16. Can you believe he didn’t know how to dance before joining KQ Entertainment??

17. Above all else, though, his biggest talent is making ATINYs feel happy and loved.

Never forget, even if he’s a beast on stage, he’s absolutely adorable and sweet off of it!


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