Here’s A Look Back At San’s Incredible Growth Since ATEEZ’s Pre-Debut

He’s always been stunning, but he gets more so every day.

ATEEZ‘s San has been making waves in the K-Pop industry for a while, especially recently as the group’s popularity grows, but long-time ATINYs know he’s always deserved love and admiration for his abilities! Since the group debuted in late 2018, he has gone through a gorgeous glow-up like many idols do, though there’s no doubt that he was a stunner even before the group’s career began. Here’s a look back at how San has evolved over the last several years!

1. Pre-Debut: Before October 24, 2018

San has always had his beautiful, sharp, fox-like visuals, but he used to be so little!

Even pre-debut, though, he knew how to take the most adorable photos, often with his well-known pout.

2. “Pirate King”/”Treasure” Era (Treasure EP.1: All To Zero): Starting October 24, 2018

When ATEEZ debuted, San had fun, colorful visuals with blue-green hair accented with cute, bouncy braids.

Not a lot of people can pull off this green shade very well, but San proved that he absolutely can!


3. “Say My Name”/”HALA HALA” Era (Treasure EP.2: Zero To One): Starting January 15, 2019

This era was the first time that San’s stylists gave him a darker look with the slick and now-iconic red-striped hairstyle.


This hairstyle, paired with a heavier eye makeup look, made him absolutely smolder during this era.


4. “Wave”/”Illusion” Era (Treasure EP.3: One To All): Starting June 10, 2019

This ATEEZ era gave us San’s beautiful silver-blond hair, as well as an increasingly buff idol who wasn’t afraid to show off his toned arms!

Though he has model-like visuals, however, he’s still oftentimes photographed and recorded with his typical bright and cheerful expressions.

5. “Wonderland” Era (Treasure EP.Fin: All To Action): Starting October 8, 2019

This time in ATEEZ’s career brought back dark-haired San, this time with the long, shaggy style that he’s arguably most well-known for because of how well it suits him.


His stylists clearly had a lot of fun with all the variety of looks they were able to do with this color and length of hair!


6. “Answer” Era (Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer): Starting January 6, 2020

The “Answer” era wasn’t too dissimilar to “Wonderland”, but it brought with it a fun silver-white streak in the front of his hair.


It ended up dyed different colors as well, all of which San pulled off beautifully!


7. “Inception”/”THANXX” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.1): Starting July 29, 2020

The dark look continued later into the year, minus the lighter streak, paired with a chic cut through his right eyebrow that made him look even fiercer than he already does.


He really gave us whiplash this era between looking stunningly gorgeous and adorably soft!


8. “The Black Cat Nero” Era: Starting October 30, 2020

ATEEZ’s special performance and music video for “The Black Cat Nero” gave us some ferocious, feral visuals from San that we didn’t know we needed.


Fake tattoos, smeared lipstick, and violet-colored contacts never looked so good!


9. “Fireworks (I’m The One)” Era (ZERO: FEVER Part.2): Starting March 1, 2021

ATINYs collectively lost their minds for the group’s most recent album comeback, which featured teaser images of San’s beautifully sculpted abs and contrasting bubblegum-pink hair.


The music video for “Fireworks (I’m The One) wasn’t any easier to handle, but San consistently reminds us that he’s actually a pretty shy cutie!


10. Kingdom: Legendary War/Present: Starting April 1, 2021

And finally, most recently, ATEEZ’s time on the competition show Kingdom: Legendary War brought us a variety of stunning looks from San (as well as the other members) that were made only more incredible by his phenomenal performance skills.


These days, he’s been blessing ATINYs with cute and fun selfies of his plum-colored locks and double-cut eyebrow!