ATEEZ’s San Went Lowkey Viral For His Eyesmile, So Here Are 9 Times That It Made ATINYs Swoon

How can anyone be so adorable with a facemask on?

On February 12, some of the members of ATEEZ returned to South Korea after they completed their American leg of their world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End. Among those members was San, and his arrival at the Incheon airport brought some attention to him due to how adorable he was!

Upon seeing the manager that had come to get him, San was seen smiling so widely that it was evident from his beautiful eyesmile, even with a facemask on. San himself even saw the article about him trending online, and said that he was smiling so widely because he had missed his manager!

Here are 9 other times that the ATEEZ member has gifted ATINYs with his precious eyesmile.

1. Here’s a time when his expression perfectly matched an adorable emoji!

2. Seeing his eyesmile in action is even better than photos!

3. Masks do nothing to keep ATINYs from seeing how gorgeous he is.

4. Even an exhausted San doesn’t hesitate to show his smile.

5. Can you imagine getting to see it this close up?

6. It’s even cuter when you get to see his dimples!

7. Even from a side profile, it’s so endearing.

8. This is very relatable.

9. Even baby San knew how to make hearts melt!