15 Times That ATEEZ’s San Proved That He Belongs In The Group’s Dance Line

Someday, it should really be made official!

When a person is first getting into ATEEZ, they are oftentimes quickly surprised to learn that member San isn’t part of the dance line! While he’s phenomenal as a lead vocalist, it’s often his performance abilities — his charisma, dynamism, and convincing facial expressions — that catch viewers’ attention, even among the other incredible performers in ATEEZ. Here are 15 times that San has proved he more than belongs in the group’s dance line!

1. From breakdancing on Kingdom: Legendary War to recent contemporary dance, there’s no style that San isn’t able to pull off.

2. The fact that he has such stable vocals while dancing so intensely is incredible!

3. He’s so captivating to watch just dancing on his own, he could easily have a dance solo during performances!

4. Headsets don’t stand a chance against his intensity.

5. This. Exactly this.

6. It’s seriously impossible to believe he didn’t know how to dance before he joined KQ Entertainment!

7. Even videographers are impressed by him!

8. The fact that he can so flawlessly pull off a dance by dance legend EXO’s Kai himself is amazing!

9. There’s a reason he’s so often chosen as center for dance breaks.

10. This is such dance line material!

11. He can be so powerful and also so graceful at the same time.

12. He always tells a story when he’s performing.

13. He so often starts moving and dancing without a conscious thought, like dancing is in his blood.

14. His live performance is just as powerful as the music video version!

15. Truer words never spoken.