17 Times ATEEZ’s San Was Total Boyfriend Material

Get ready for your heart to melt.

There have been times when people who aren’t fans of ATEEZ have watched their performances and found some of their members a little intimidating, particularly their “demon line” that includes San (among others). However, ATINYs are well-aware that off-stage, this guy is an absolutely soft cutie, and his intense on-stage persona is just that convincing! In order to prove that claim, here are 17 times when San seemed like totally perfect boyfriend material.

1. When asked what part of his body he wants to make “better”, this was his heart-melting answer.


2. He would make sure you never got left behind.


3. It’s so easy to imagine going on sweet little ice cream dates with him.


4. He’s so effortlessly chic and handsome.


5. Seeing him in a beanie with a bare face makes it so easy to picture going on sweet and romantic drives with him.


6. He really prioritizes and encourages self-care.

7. You know he would happily take the time and effort to prepare a meal for you from scratch.

8. Of course he would be happy to carry heavy bags for you!

9. How does he look so flawless and gorgeous doing something as simple as taking a drink?


10. What would it be like to be the one he’s so affectionately taking pictures of?


11. Just… Flawlessly perfect boyfriend material right here.


12. How could anyone not be thrilled to have such a handsome partner?


13. Of course he would show up to a date with flowers!


14. You would never be bored traveling the world with someone like San.


15. Just look at this soft adorable goof.


16. He already treats the other ATEEZ members so sweetly, just imagine how he would treat his most cherished and treasured person.

17. It must feel like heaven to get comfy and cozy with this sweet, gentle, big-hearted softie.